Beauty vlogger Vika Shapel's 'blackface chocolate challenge' goes viral

Beauty blogger Vika Shapel is in hot water after initiating a "racist" beauty challenge to her followers.

The challenge comes just a month after Kim Kardashian's photo controversy, in which she was also accused of blackface.

Shapel, who posts beauty tutorials to social media, shared a snapshot of herself and a friend, each with half of their faces painted. "IDK if there is a challenge like this but we haven't seen it so Im calling it The Chocolate Challenge! Come watch us transform into deep chocolate skin tones from our pasty pale," she wrote.

Shapel and her friend also changed their eye color in the photo and curled their hair.

The blogger's picture has since been deleted, along with her various social media accounts.

Unsurprisingly, the Youtube personality received major backlash on social media, where the photo went viral. Many called the challenge "racist", "disrespectful" and "disgusting."

"I wasn't aware of the whole black-face concept before people began commenting it on the photo. I would like to apologize to people that were hurt or offended by my post, and it won't happen again," Shapel commented to Yahoo! Beauty.

h/t Yahoo! Beauty

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Users respond to Kim Kardashian's 'blackface' controversy
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To those who never shine a light on racism ever but always post a video/tweets to defend Kim Kardashian black face ad... eye see you.
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@KimKardashian your blackface photo is not offensive by no means. I support you to the fullest. Much love! #KKWBeauty #KimKardashian #haters
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@KimKardashian what you did was not blackface
@KimKardashian being #blackface is like white women saying Black Women #WhiteHair #culturalappropriation #doublestandards
@KimKardashian You use a filter on a picture and people accuse you of doing blackface... if you lighten a picture,…

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