Oreo stuns its hardcore fans in the greatest way imaginable

As you may have heard, OREO is currently hosting a contest to find its next hit product -- and it's doling out some fun surprises along the way.

Fans are being asked to tweet their flavor ideas for OREO Cookies and OREO Chocolate Candy Bars with the hashtag #MyOreoCreation and #Contest in order to enter their dream product in the running.

Eventually, one candy fanatic whose product reigns supreme will take home $500,000 and have their creation sold in stores all across the U.S., which is a serious bragging right, if you ask us.

As if that grand prize package wasn't enough of a reason to enter the contest, the good folks over at the OREO Wonder Vault have decided to up the stakes: They are hand picking flavor submissions and actually turning them into products to send back to their creators!

From avocado to cherry cola to bacon-flavored cookies (yes, really!), OREO has been hard at work making fans' dreams into reality.

Check out some fan reactions to the prototypes below:

OREO surprises fans with custom-made cookies and candy bars
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OREO surprises fans with custom-made cookies and candy bars
@Oreo Unicorn Oreo cookies 🌈🦄✨ such a pleasant surprise!! loved it!! thanks Oreo 😍😍#myoreocreation https://t.co/oOJMvlLJnz
Thanks @Oreo!!!!!!!! This was the most amazing surprise ever. https://t.co/udwx5wQ2TT
#myoreo #MyOreoCreation Thank you @oreo ! How cool!? https://t.co/MZJVv3Berh
Thank you, @Oreo! #CherryColaOreo https://t.co/qKRx69g8zW
YALL. KETTLE CORN OREO!! 😍Look what came in the mail. 🙀Seriously SO amazing - need a whole pack! @Oreo… https://t.co/k2BeCKIUcg
When @Oreos hits you up with your dream flavor 🍩🍪 https://t.co/SZPdIq9htd
Boom!!! So this happened! #MyOreoCreation https://t.co/qcWlftxd4e
This is so cool! And they are so yummy! Thanks @oreo! #MyOreoCreation #oreo https://t.co/W80KMFCTwZ

We were lucky enough to sample a few of the custom-made chocolate bars and we truly don't know how OREO is going to be able to select just one of these glorious creations to hit the shelves.

Hats off to Twitter users for their astounding creativity!

Here's what we thought of each candy bar:

OREO Chocolate Candy Bar custom flavors
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OREO Chocolate Candy Bar custom flavors
Click through to see our thoughts on each candy bar...

1. Summer Black Out

A creamy, whipped chocolate delight that was reminiscent of the crunchies inside of an ice cream cake. We can see ourselves easily becoming addicted to this candy bar.

2. Firework

An explosive delight! The popping candies really made for an interesting and refreshingly different candy bar.

3. Birthday Cake

The scent of freshly-baked birthday cake immediately filled the air after tearing open the wrapper of this candy bar. Thankfully, the flavor tasted exactly the way it smelled.

4. Unicorn

The unicorn candy bar is more or less just a glorified cookies and cream candy bar -- but gosh, just look how pretty it is!

10/10 would make this go viral.

5. New York Cheesecake

Kind of like a cookies and creme candy bar with a cream cheese finish.

It's definitely NOT a New York cheesecake, but we're not too mad about it. 

6. Millennial Pink

WOW, this candy bar sure is PINK.

The Millennial Pink candy bar tastes almost like dried fruit covered in chocolate, but we wonder if it has the nutrition to match. At least we can fool ourselves into believing we're eating clean. 

7. Mermaid

A beautiful candy bar, much like it's mermaid counterpart. However, the pink lemonade twist is a little bit too overwhelming for the vanilla creme filling. We have to pass on this one.


So, how do you get a box of custom OREO goodness shipped to your home?

OREO will delivering sample tastes to lucky fans who submit their #MyOreoCreation flavor ideas now through July 14 on Twitter.

Tweet now or forever hold your peace.

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