These 16 delightfully odd Airbnb rentals are guaranteed to inspire wanderlust

Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has singlehandedly changed the hospitality industry.

The online marketplace for lodging and events has redefined the way people look, book and expect to travel. By offering a plethora of rental options (over 3 million listings, to be exact) in 191 countries, the ever-growing platform continues to appeal to even the most outlandish of travelers.

Staying in someone else's home offers the traveler a unique perspective that he or she might not get while staying at the hotel -- you're more immersed in the culture, living and breathing a new city; you have the opportunity to connect with homeowners and other travelers. Plus, it might be cheaper!

Unique homes you can rent through Airbnb:

Want to experience Southern England's complex history? You might want to tough it out in a yurt. How about do yoga outside of a translucent converted school bus, spend a night aboard a Danish houseboat or visit a seashell-shaped home in Mexico? The options are endless with these unique homes!

Scroll through above see the most whimsical homes you can rent from Airbnb.

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