7 ways to make your hydrangeas last longer

Hydrangeas are stunning so it makes sense to want them to last as long as possible. However these flowers are known to wilt very quickly. Here are 7 steps to help these beautiful flowers last longer.

You'll need:

How to make your hydrangeas last longer:

  1. Add sugar to room temperature water (sugar feeds the stems)

  2. Add soap to room temperature water in the vase (soap keeps bacteria away)

  3. Remove the leaves (they take up a lot of water)

  4. Cut the stems on an angle and cut up the stem (they can soak up more water)

  5. Dip stems in boiling water (prevents sap from blocking stem)

  6. Don't add too many flowers (this causes them to wilt faster)

  7. Change water every two days and give stems a new cut

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