This abandoned dog can't stop crying -- and the video will break your heart

An abandoned dog named AJ has found a new home after a video of him crying in an animal shelter went viral.

AJ, a 6-year-old Pit Bull and Labrador mix, was dropped off last year at California's Carson Shelter, along with his brother. Their family could no longer afford to take care of the pups, and thus had to relinquish them to the shelter.

According to the shelter's Facebook, AJ was "shutting down" with a cold, seemingly nervous in his new environment. In an effort to get AJ adopted, the shelter posted this heartbreaking video of him -- it seems the pup cannot hold back his tears.

This video of AJ was posted last February and tugged on the heartstrings of many, ready to come to AJ's rescue and save him from the high-kill shelter. However, the video is just now going viral, with over half a million people wondering the fate of AJ since the time of writing.

According to the updated Facebook post, AJ was saved from the shelter soon after the video was taken. His brother, Toby, was also saved sometime later.

AJ's story is quickly making it's way around the internet. Although we're hoping he's been in a happy home, his story is bringing to light the plight of animal shelters and high-kill facilities.

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