Best day to book a late summer trip revealed

If you want to plan a getaway that doesn't break the bank, aim for a late summer flight on August 22nd.

It's the date most airlines go with to signal the start of the cheaper fall season, according to the CEO of FareCompare from an article on ABC News.

Since kids are usually back in school, the demand for vacation travel drops. When that happens, fares drop too!

But the airline industry watcher is quick to point out that specific date of August 22nd varies year to year. It really depends on kids' school schedules.

August fares, in general, are 7% less expensive than July, according to the CEO of CheapAir via Condé Nast Traveler.

Mid-week travel during the summer will save you the most.

If you can avoid Sundays and take off Tuesday or Wednesday, you'll save an average of $62, according to the CheapAir guy.

Another thing about the magical date of August 22nd is that, only for domestic travel, some airlines start dropping rates a few days before or after the 22nd.

Late summer travel has its advantages. There's good weather and you'll avoid long summer lines, meaning you should be able to breeze through security.

One step closer to that Bloody Mary in the sky.