So...Listerine might give you the softest feet ever

Here's the problem with pedicures: The polish lasts forever (awesome), but your heels look like Death Valley within days (ugh). And while we usually just ride out the dryness until the two-week mark (aka when we feel OK splurging on another pedi), this time we decided to take matters into our own hands using a simple DIY recipe.

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What you need:Listerine, vinegar (white or apple cider), water, a pumice stone and a large bowl.

What you do: Mix equal parts Listerine, vinegar and water into the bowl so that it completely covers your feet. Soak for 15 minutes. (Read about Missy Elliot.) Then, rub the pumice stone over your heels and wherever else feels dry. Rinse clean and enjoy your baby-soft soles.

Why it works: Both Listerine and vinegar contain exfoliating ingredients like benzoic acid that help slough off dead skin. The soak alone should take care of any surface dryness, but the pumice stone will handle the more stubborn spots (that have now been softened for easier removal). And yes, there is a minty tingle that feels quite nice, but isn't overly intense since it's diluted with water.

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Is it a little odd? Yup, but no less so than the other wacky things we've done in the name of beauty. Looking at you, banana-peel teeth whitening.

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