The secret ingredient to the fluffiest scrambled eggs


They're ridiculously easy to make, which explains why we lived off of them in college. But taking scrambled eggs to next-level deliciousness requires some serious savoir faire—that's French for know-how (oh we're getting fancy). The curds should be silky and light, not hard or rubbery. And never runny. Here's how to achieve the perfect balance.

What to do: Ditch the milk and add a splash of seltzer water to your beaten egg mixture instead. Trust us on this one—the fluffiest, lightest scrambled eggs you've ever tried are just a few bubbles away.

Why this works: When the egg mix hits the pan, the heat causes the water's bubbles to expand, thereby fluffing up your eggs. And because seltzer has no odor, color or taste, all you're left with is a plate of perfectly scrambled eggs. Go, science.

How to do it: To wow your brunch guests this weekend, add about one tablespoon of seltzer per serving (or one tablespoon for every two eggs). Then scramble per usual and you're good to go. Um, make sure you stick to unflavored water, though. Raspberry-lime eggs? No thanks.