How the summer heat affects your health -- and ways to beat it

How's this summer heat affecting your body? Here are a few ways the heat can get you down and solutions for them:

1. The sniffling and sneezing is getting intense. Flowers blooming in the summer lead to a higher count of pollen in the air. Reduce symptoms by avoiding the outdoors on high count days or plan your outdoor activities by the end of the day when the count goes down.

2. Sleeping becomes a very hard task. Hot summer nights lead to tossing and turning. Turn up the AC and adjust your thermostat, your body will thank you.

3. Your heart rate is higher than normal because that's your bodies way of keeping you cool. Keeping yourself hydrated, having a healthy diet and keeping active will help you stay in good shape according to cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Newman.

4. Mosquitos are taking advantage of your outdoor time. While you're enjoying summer picnics and other outdoor activities, remember to protect yourself with insect repellent. Most importantly, don't scratch!