6-foot-9-inch tall woman is calling herself the tallest model in the world

6-foot-9-inch tall woman is calling herself the tallest model in the world

Standing at a striking 6 foot, 9 inches, Ekaterina Lisina is on top of the world.

The 29-year-old from Penza, Russia, is calling herself the world's tallest model after already being dubbed the tallest woman in the country.

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"I feel really comfortable in my body," Lisinia told Barcroft Media. "I like my long legs, I like my long body — everything about it."

After retiring from a successful career in basketball, Lisinia is following her dreams and pursuing a modeling career.

She believed her 52-inch legs alone, for which she hopes to achieve a Guinness World Record, will be her greatest asset for her new gig.

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"I only really realized I was attractive when I was about 24 years old," she said. "I always had an athletic body and was always much taller than everyone else my age, but then I realized that being tall is very attractive."

She also holds the title as the woman with the biggest feet in Russia, wearing a size 13 shoe.

Lisinia said she has wanted to be a model since she was a teenager, but instead went into basketball.

"Of course there was no question, because with basketball I had talent," she said.

She went on to play for various teams, including the Russian women's squad in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, during which she won a bronze medal.

"Am I proud of her? Of course I am," said her brother Sergei, who is 6 foot, 6 inches tall. "She realized quite quickly that [her height] gave her a huge advantage in a sport, which she started doing professionally almost straight away."

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Her dad, who is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, said it was never a surprise she would grow to this height, especially since her mother is also more than 6 feet tall.

"When we were picking up Ekaterina from the hospital, we noticed straight away that her legs were really long and her body mainly consisted of them," her dad, Viktor Lisin said. "[She] got them from her parents."

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