You can now own a bikini made out of real pizza for just $10,000


Your skin doesn't have to be the only thing baked to a perfect golden brown at the beach this summer.

New York restaurant Villa Italian Kitchen has created a bikini made out of 100 percent real pizza in honor of National Bikini Day on July 5 -- and it costs a lot of dough.

The gourmet swimsuit is made from "only the freshest ingredients, including homemade, hand-braided dough, 100 percent whole milk mozzarella cheese, sauce made from fresh California tomatoes and delicious pepperoni," according to the restaurant's Facebook page.

For the low price of $10,000, Villa Italian Kitchen will set you up with a consultation and measurement session with New York City food stylist Jessie Bearden.

The stylist will then work with the restaurant's chefs to actually cook up the suit, which can be customized with your favorite toppings because at that point, why not.

Last, but not least, you will come back to the restaurant for a final fitting and then congrats -- you're ready to cheese it up at the beach or pool or wherever the hell you'd actually wear this thing.

Bon appétit, baby.