Family matters: Baby beaver gets rehabilitation so it can be reunited with mom

A baby beaver is undergoing rehabilitation after he was separated from its mother in Erie County, N.Y., this week.

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The SPCA in New York doesn't usually take in wildlife, but couldn't turn the bushy-tailed little guy away when officials were alerted to his presence on Tuesday.

Animal doctors examined the beaver, which was alert the whole time, and put him in water to test his swimming capabilities.

"He swam, so he seems coordinated," one doctor said in a video posted by the SPCA on Facebook. "You can see he looks very at home in his little swim pool."

Caretakers gave him a clean bill of health, and they will now see whether they can reunite the beaver with his mama.

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The age of the beaver is not known, and he was only in the facility for 16 hours.

He is currently believed to be in another rehab facility in the area.

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