Pack like a pro: Ann Mashburn's 4th of July picks

When you're planning what to pack for the Fourth of July weekend, there's no one better to turn to for inspiration than avid traveler, former fashion editor, and all-around stylish American designer Ann Mashburn. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Ann has her own line, but has also made a name with some of the best fashion boutiques in the U.S.

Her boutiques sell 80% her designs and 20% classic icon brands like Isabel Marant and Levis, so you're guaranteed to find something fabulous when you walk into one.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday weekend, we asked Ann what she's planning to pack in her bag -- how to truly pack like a pro. And we want every single thing she's recommending: From her go-to jeans to the adorable, comfy sandals, and -- of course -- the red stripes.

Click through below to see Ann's picks for July 4th, and why she'll help you be the most stylish friend of the weekend.