Woman kicked out of pool for a 'too inappropriate' body

Tyler Newman and his fiancée, Tori, decided to spend a sweltering hot day at their apartment complex's pool.

According to Newman, the Tennessee couple pays an additional $300 fee to have access to the pool, on top of their monthly rent. So, on a particularly hot summer day, Tori and Tyler changed into their bathing suits and accompanied their friends to the pool.

But what happened next is angering many. The couple claims that Tori was asked to leave the pool because of her "inappropriate" bathing suit and her "too inappropriate" body. Tyler posted a recount of the interaction on social media, where it has since gone viral.

According to his story, Tori was asked to leave because of her "thong bathing suit" after a mere "3 minutes" of arriving at the pool. So, she decided to go to the apartment's management complex to discuss the issue in a more private setting.

There, the leasing consultant wanted to take a picture of Tori to "show "how inappropriate" her bathing suit was" and encourage her to look in the mirror.

Tyler explained in the post:

"She was told that the leasing consultant wouldn't want her own kids around Tori. When Tori explained that yes, she does indeed have a larger butt than a lot of people, and that 95% of the things she wears ride up when she walks, the woman told Tori that a "normal bathing suit covers your entire butt" and again deemed my fiancée's body inappropriate. Tori, however, refused this because there are obviously different types of bathing suits. She was told I wasn't allowed to spray tanning lotion on parts of her body that she can't reach because the consultant insisted that she could reach them herself."

Then, the leasing consultant said her curvy body was "too inappropriate" for children to be near. "There are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don't need to excite them," the consultant said, according to Tyler.

Commenters on social media questioned if the pool had made its dress code clear to its guests. According to Tyler, all that was posted on the pool sign was "duly appropriate attire must be worn at all times. No cut-offs."

Tyler's words recounted how embarrassed and hurt Tori was because of how many reacted to her outfit.

"Today my fiancée was told that she is less important than how men feel around her. That Tori is less important than a man's urges to be sexual towards her. I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but I also respect her. I would never make her or any other woman feel less than what she's worth because of her outfit or her looks. This is how rape culture continues to grow," he said.

While some expressed their sympathy for Tori, others were critical of the story. "Sad she is playing the victim," one commented on Tyler's post.

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