The best brands of mayo you can find at the grocery store

Mayonnaise might be one of the most polarizing condiments on the face of the planet. You either love its creamy, tangy goodness, or you audibly gag at the mention of it. (If you're in the latter category, we suggest you stop reading NOW.)

Even those who are mayo lovers have strong opinions on which brands are best (yes, there is a world beyond Hellmann's). So to determine which mayos are the real cream of the crop, we came together as a team and forced ourselves to try a variety of popular grocery store brands. Luckily, we had ample waffle fries to help us on our quest, and to our pleasant no one's surprise, the combination was pretty freakin' delicious.

Judging on a combination of texture and flavor, we put the classics to a blind taste test. Though no light varieties were allowed, we did throw two vegan options into the mix. (Spoiler: Most of us couldn't tell which were vegan and which weren't.) In the end, a few brands rose to the top, claiming their place as the true sandwich spread kings of mayo-dom.

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