17-year-old dog adopted after family dropped it off at a shelter



Unfortunately, sometimes "forever homes" aren't really forever. This was the sad reality for 17-year-old miniature dachshund Duchess. She was taken to the Kentucky Humane Society when her family moved away.

The humane society shared Duchess' story on Facebook along with a photo of the elderly pup:

"It's hard to imagine why they didn't choose to take a dog who had been a member of their family for almost two decades," the KHS said of Duchess' former family. They also divulged that the dog had serious dental problems, which they fixed.

KHS pleaded for Duchess to be adopted. "If you are looking for a sweet, easygoing little dog who needs a retirement home for the remainder of her days, we recommend you meet Duchess," they wrote. "She may be up there in years, but this little dog has lots of love left to give, and we think she deserves a second chance."

Thankfully, the dachshund was given that second chance. PEOPLE reported that Lou Ann Young adopted Duchess after seeing KHS' Facebook post. "This is the first time in my life that I actually adopted a pet from a shelter. All of my previous pets have found me by one means or another," Young told PEOPLE.

"I've always told people if I do adopt, it will be an older dog. Little did I think she would be 17 years old."

Older dogs like Duchess usually have a hard time being adopted, according to Kentucky Humane Society director Robin Vincent. Thankfully, though, Duchess now has a true forever home.

Young told PEOPLE, "When we adopt an older dog, we are making the statement that life matters at all ages."

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