Ivanka Trump's namesake brand may soon be releasing lingerie

Ivanka Trump branded bras and panties may be hitting a store near you very soon.

Though the mother of three stepped away from day-to-day management of the brand and eventually took on the role of unpaid senior adviser to her father in March, "she did not divest from her companies," Fortune affirms. And if you thought the controversial brand was fizzling out, that doesn't seem to be the case.

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According to Bloomberg, "U.S. trademark officials have steadily granted initial approval to a stream of new products bearing her name -- intimate apparel, lounge wear and athletic clothing." The news of the brand expanding into this realm first surfaced back in January.

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In addition to undergarments, the brand is also reportedly expected to win approval for rain ponchos and scarves.

It's no secret that the first daughter's namesake brand has received its fair share criticism and backlash since President Donald Trump's election. For one, questions pertaining to ethics have emerged. Furthermore, when retailers, like Nordstrom, announced that they'd stop selling Trump's brand, the president himself came to his daughter's defense on Twitter -- and Kellyanne Conway landed in hot water for defending the tweet and seemingly endorsing the products on "Fox and Friends."

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