Puppy pics could be the key to help reignite your marriage's flame

For those who have been married for a while, it can be hard to keep that marital spark alive.

Well, what if I told you that looking at pictures of cute animals like puppies could actually help rekindle couples relationships.

That's right! A new study out of Florida State University says that puppies are the secret, well part of it at least.

Researchers wanted to see if they could improve marital satisfaction by creating automatic associations when someone thought about their spouse.

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So, subjects were shown images of their partner alongside a positive image like a puppy.

And over time the positive feeling one feels when seeing a puppy were also associated with their spouse.

Of course, the association experiment could really be done with anything one associates positively with.

But if you don't get all warm and fuzzy when you see a puppy you should maybe think about seeing your doctor.

But the research could actually help a lot of people in long-distance relationships like soldiers.

Lead on the study, James McNulty said "The research was actually prompted by a grant from the Department of Defense... We would really like to develop a procedure that could help soldiers and other people in situations that are challenging for relationships."