6 easy ways to actually drink enough water

6 easy ways to actually drink enough water

AOL's Lifestyle Collective partnered with Brita to create these posts! Enjoy!

Now that summer is almost here, staying hydrated is more important than ever. From keeping your body healthy to feeling your best all around (hello extra energy and glowing skin!), there are so many reasons to keep water on hand during the warm weather season.

Its health and beauty benefits aside, there really isn't anything better than coming home to a glass of ice cold, clean-tasting water, and the Brita Stream Pitcher makes that easy. Its filter-as-you-pour technology means you don't have to wait for the pitcher to work its magic. Just pour yourself a glass of filtered water immediately, whether your pitcher was filled previously -- or not!

While getting filtered water has become easier, still, so many of us do not drink enough of it. We asked bloggers from the Lifestyle Collective to share some smart tricks they use to keep hydrating all day. Check out the creative ideas ways how Poor Little It Girl and Lily the Wandering Gypsy stay hydrated 24/7.

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