4 easy ways to beat the heat and get some sleep

If there's one thing that can ruin a good night's sleep..It's a bad dream!

But nightmares aside - something else that isn't great for getting Z's is sweat!

And for all of you who don't have an air condition, you know what I'm talking about.

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But good news, there are other ways you can keep cool at night.

For one ditch any sheets other than cotton - they're light and breathable

You could also take a cold bath before hitting the sack to help lower your body temp.

Experts suggest freezing your pillowcases - not so you're sleeping on ice cubes - but just enough to get them really cold.

But timing is everything, take them out of the freezer before brushing your teeth so they cool just enough.

And you can also try the old ice cubes in front of the fan trick - at least it will blow cooler air

If you still can't sleep - just remember the first modern air condition wasn't built until 1902 - so chances are you'll survive.