More than 12,000 expected to practice yoga in Times Square

More than 12,000 yogis are expected to show up in New York's Times Square for seven free yoga classes throughout the day on Wednesday, June 21st. With downward-facing dogs and sun salutations, they're celebrating the 15th annual Solstice in Times Square. This year's theme is "Mind Over Madness Yoga."

Tim Tompkins, president of Times Square Alliance and co-founder of the event says they chose the theme in response to recent violent events around the world.

"A few weeks ago in Times Square a madman drove a car over people, right across the street," Tompkins says. "And, so, one of the themes this year is the yoga notion of ahimsa, nonviolence, do no harm because we see that all throughout the world, and we need a little more peace in the world."

The event is available live on Facebook and Twitter's Periscope. But some came from quite faraway to practice in Times Square. Luis Castro came from Mexico.

"I mean, to do yoga Times Square, I think the name of the event, like, 'Mind Over Madness' is completely appropriate because well, just looking around at everything that's going on, this is the center of the Western world. And to do yoga here is very symbolic, I believe."

The Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga event ends with last class at 7:30 pm.