Here's something you probably didn't know about bananas

Have you ever noticed those annoying strands that hang off your banana?

You know, the ones standing in the way of you and a big bite

Well, before you peel them off, experts are saying you might want to think twice.

That's because the strands actually have a purpose.

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Uses for bananas and banana peels
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Uses for bananas and banana peels

Tenderize meats

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Polish silverware

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Use as plant fertilizer

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Attract birds and butterflies

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Treat small scrapes, bruises and rashes

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Shine leather shoes

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Give as a treat to your dog

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They're called phloem bundles and they play a very important role in the growth of a banana.

Phloem is one of the two types of transport tissue found in all plants. They move nutrients and other substances around the whole plant.

In the bananas case, it allows the nutrients to reach the whole fruit, allowing it to grow.

Dr. Nicholas D. Gillit told the Huffington post, the bundles are completely edible and contain just as much nutrition as the rest of the fruit.

The strands may also contain more fiber than the rest of the fruit.

Now if you were hoping scientists could genetically engineer bananas without phloem bundles, you're in luck.

However, Dr. Gillit says it would be more important to spend funds on research for breeding disease-resistant or more nutritional bananas.

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