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You've probably seen ads on TV or in magazines for lash-growth drugs. Maybe you want more beautiful lashes, but you're nervous about the potential side effects. Before you go rushing to the dermatologist, or swear off lash enhancers entirely, we've found an eyelash enhancement serum you've gotta try: Embellash.
Think of this serum as a conditioner for your lashes. The formula contains nourishing, natural ingredients like grape seed extract, coconut endosperm, kelp ferment, and saw palmetto, which helps stimulate hair growth for fuller, longer and stronger lashes and moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes. The clinically-proven formula not only stimulates eyelash growth, but it also thickens the skin around the lash follicles to heal damaged follicles. Watch beauty expert Jenny Patinkin explain why she's an Embellash believer.

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