Barron Trump has grown up right before our eyes -- and these 45 pictures prove it

Barron Trump is no stranger to the spotlight.

The 11-year-old son of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump has been a favorite for photographers since before he could walk. Even as a toddler, the youngest member of the Trump family was a regular at red carpet events, photo calls and more. The public eye has adored him from the very beginning.

Barron was only barely standing when his dad received the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2007, but he still managed to steal our hearts. His parents were frequent attendees at various charity benefits and societal events around the city, of course bringing a young Barron in tow. And who could forget when the then three-year-old confidently took the stage with a drum set solo at a local Valentine's Day event in 2009? Too cute.

He's grown up right before our eyes.

Barron Trump over the years:

Not only has he gotten bigger, but his style has matured with him. Since his father took the White House, Barron's been amusing everyone with funny faces for his nieces and nephews -- and sending the internet into a frenzy with his fashion choices. Just two days ago, at CampDavid, he proved to everyone that he was the first son of fashion as well!

Barron is the first son in the White House in more than 5 decades, since the Kennedy administration -- but it's been difficult. Unwilling to uproot Barron in the middle of the school year, the Trumps made the unconventional choice of keeping Barron and Melania in New York City until the summer. But with their recent move to D.C, it'll be interesting to see how the pre-teen adapts to White House living -- and amid all the criticism and controversies of his father's administration, it won't be easy.

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But hopefully Barron can rely on the support of former first children. Like Barron, these young kids were thrown into the spotlight. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton recently came to Barron's defense, tweeting "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid." The White House amenities will make playtime easy -- with its bowling alley, movie theater and tons of outdoor space!

And summer is the perfect time to do it.