After one of the family's dog passes away, dog still leaves half of her food bowl for her best friend

Are you crying yet?

One teen is detailing how the death of one of his family's dogs has affected their other dog -- and it'll break your heart.

18-year-old Easton Dufur (or EasyBreasyBeautiful on Twitter) and his family used to own two Labrador retrievers, Stitch and Cookie. The dogs were best friends, sharing toys and bones -- and even their food and water bowls.

According to Dufur, from Idaho, Cookie was "trained" to leave half of the food for Stitch. "So ever since she was young she knew to leave half of the food so Stitch can have some (he liked to make sure she would eat)," he explained.

Stitch passed away recently, but Cookie didn't stop sharing her food -- she's still only eating half of the food in her bowl, ready to share with her brother.

According to Today, while experts credit Cookie's behavior to "habit", Dufur seems convinced that this is his pup's way of grieving. The heartbreaking story has resonated with thousands of pet lovers around the world, many of whom responded with supportive messages or expressive gifs.

h/t Today

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