Bride takes photos with girl who thought she was princess from her favorite book: 'It was beautiful'

Though it was her time to shine, this bride was happy to share the spotlight with a little girl who mistook her for the princess from her favorite book — even posing with the toddler to make her day special as well.

The tot was out for a walk with her mother when she spotted Shandace Lerma and Scott Robertson in the middle of their wedding photo shoot.

"This little girl thought my beautiful wife was the princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding)," Robertson wrote on Imgur.

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Lerma bent down to talk to the girl who had become her biggest fan, handing her a flower from her bouquet and lifting her for a sweet picture to remember the moment, images captured by wedding photographer Stephanie Cristalli showed.

See the adorable photos:

"It was just very sweet to watch her see the princess that Shandace had become in her eyes," the mother of the little girl told "Imagine meeting one of your idols on the street — that is what our daughter was feeling."

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The gesture did not go unappreciated by the toddler's mom, who was grateful for the newlyweds' kindness and generosity toward her daughter.

"Having Shandace and Scott take time away from their wedding photos to live in the moment with me and my daughter was simply wonderful and says a lot about them and their relationship," she said.

"It was a completely selfless instance between strangers, focused on the wonderment of a child, which was full of pure love, awe and admiration. It was beautiful."

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