How to take care of your skin while flying, according to 6 top facialists

Whether this summer will be spent lounging beachside in Positano or walking the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, chances are, air travel is on the horizon. But, as any seasoned traveler knows, flying can wreak havoc on complexions, leaving them dehydrated, puffy, and irritated—just in time for landing. Here, six frequent-flying facialists share how they take care of their skin at 35,000 feet. From an ultra-hydrating face oil recipe to the surprising beverages to consume before boarding, take a look at their top TSA-approved tips.

Cleanse, Don't Spray

"It's important to prepare your skin before traveling by air. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and apply a rich base—like an oil. Then, use a moisturizer with a heavier consistency, which is best for preventing water evaporation. A big mistake many air travelers make is to spray water on their face. As water attracts water, spraying water will dry out the skin even more. Drink water but do not apply water. During your flight, also avoid using cloth masks, which usually contain moisture-attracting ingredients, which also make your skin more dehydrated." —Isabelle Bellis, New York City,

Fly Makeup-Free and Lotion-Heavy

"It is vital to get on the plane without makeup or to take the makeup off as soon as you [board]. The air in the plane is very dry and makes the skin stressed, so my recommendation is to go for a heavy moisturizing mask like my [Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask] that is also transparent—because you really never know who you might meet!" —Mimi Luzon, Israel,

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Beauty routine while flying
Beauty routine while flying

Pack Your Carry-On With Oils . . .

"I recommend all my clients bring along a great complexion oil when they fly because of the dehydration that skin can experience from lack of moisture on a plane. Here is a great one you can make yourself: Mix one ounce of avocado oil, which is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D, and K; 10 drops of lavender essential oil, which is purifying, calming, and reparative; and 10 drops of jasmine essential oil, which is known for its hydrating properties. Massage a thin layer of this highly therapeutic oil into clean skin before boarding the plane. For long-distance flights, I recommend adding another thin layer every three hours to keep your skin deeply hydrated and comforted. Another option is my Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil, which is made with pure rosehip seed oil." —Ole Henriksen, Los Angeles,

. . . And More Oils

"I tend to cleanse and moisturize my face before I land. However, if you are on a long-haul flight, cleanse your face during takeoff and apply a night oil like my Oils of Provence. The lavender will relax you and help to induce sleep." —Amanda Lacey, London,

Take a Shot Before Takeoff

"A shot of organic apple cider vinegar or juice of one whole lemon, mixed with warm water and a tablespoon of raw honey keeps bloating down and immunity up. Right before the flight, I massage my face deeply with my multivitamin serum, which keeps me super hydrated while adding organic vitamins as I jet back and forth from New York City to L.A. for clients." —Thuyen Nguyen, New York City and the Hamptons,

Drink Water, Mask, and Repeat

"Start hydrating and prepping from the inside out the day before travel. Sip on super hydrators like high mineral spring water, aloe, cucumber, coconut water, and anti-inflammatory turmeric tonics. The day of, I recommend saturating the skin with Laurel's Elixir. Next, use the Antioxidant Facial Serum to counterbalance the oxidative stress of flying. Top it off with a facial balm to create an extra barrier and to lock the moisture in. Then, mask upon arrival. When you get to your hotel, immediately cleanse the travel yuck off and use a hydrating mask to recover from the flight while you unpack. There are plenty of great masks out there, but I love traveling with Manuka honey as an easy multi-purpose mask. It's hydrating, healing, and amazing for anything from sunburns to breakouts to rashes, and having it all in one mask helps me pack a little lighter!" —Britta Plug, New York City,

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Photographed by Cass Bird, Vogue, December 2014

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