Could adding collagen to your coffee make you look younger?


People start looking for ways to look younger from the moment they reach puberty.

From one ounce creams that cost upwards of $1,000 a bottle to botox and face yoga, people want their skin to be soft as a baby's butt.

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Collagen is a protein in our body that loses its elasticity over time, creating those pesky crow's feet and laugh lines as we get older.

Now, according to, people are adding it to their coffee in hopes of getting clearer, younger skin.

Collagen is already in a lot of beauty products, but people who use it in their coffee claim that it doesn't just add a protein to their day and help with sore joints, but that it has also helped them look younger.

There isn't much research to back up those claims but the little there is shown that people who took a collagen supplement every day for eight weeks saw a 20 percent reduction in wrinkles.

Yes, please! Let's get more data on this!