Here's the truth behind the mystery Dum Dums lollipop flavor

More likely than not, you grew up with Dum Dums lollipops. The small, colorful sweets were probably always on display at the front desk of your doctor's office. You most definitely grabbed a blind handful when trick-or-treating on Halloween -- and if you were really lucky, you could sneak a bag of the flavorful treats into your mom's shopping cart.

Having been around since 1924, Dum Dums has successfully established itself as a candy staple. And with 17 flavors produced at one time, it's clear why. But while Blue Raspberry takes the cake as the favorite Dum Dums flavor, we can't help but question the standing of the sometimes disgusting, sometimes addicting, Mystery pop.

It turns out that the Mystery lollipop was the result of a business decision rather than a brilliant marketing technique. According to the Huffington Post, instead of cleaning out the machine to switch flavors, the Sprangler Candy Company decided to run the lollipop machine with a leftover flavor and new flavor still inside.

Thus, the Mystery pop was created. So, it's merely a mixture of two flavors.

If you're still not entranced by Sprangler's "clever time-saving trick", watch the video below to learn more. It's actually quite fascinating!

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