The 8 best amusement parks for families in 2017 named


Nothing says 'memorable family vacation' quite like a trip to an amusement park.

Whether it is gorging on funnel cakes, bobbing along on a gorgeous painted pony or screaming on seemingly death-defying rollercoasters, memories made at theme parks will last a lifetime.

Despite being one of the most quintessential summertime activities for families, sometimes it is tricky to find parks that cater to both adrenaline junkies and more gentle visitors.

Family Vacation Critic, TripAdvisor's family travel site, released its 2017 list of the Best Amusement Parks for Families just in time for school getting out for the summer.

The amusement parks that Family Vacation Critic selected as their top picks this year not only are appropriate for all ages, but also have brand-new attractions so they feel totally fresh, even if you are a seasoned park-goer.

Perhaps most notable is the website's nod to Six Flags, which is unveiling new rides at each of its parks across the United States this summer, including many DC Comics-themed attractions. 'Wonder Woman' fans in Sacramento will be able to ride on her Lasso of Truth -- a swinging pendulum that leaves passengers breathlessly soaring through the sky. Meanwhile, park-goers in Atlanta can join the Justice League to take down baddies with laser guns in a battle for Metropolis.

Click below to see the top parks for families, and hear about the new rides and food options sure to delight even the most experienced thrill-seekers: