Odd Father's Day gifts for odd dads

When getting dad a present for Father's Day, sometimes you have to think outside the box. It's not easy to find something for someone who has everything. I mean, he's already got you, right?

You can top last year's gift of a "World's Best Dad"' mug with the largest mug ever! It'll give him enough energy to build a shed, take out the garbage and mow the lawn.

Once he crashes from that caffeine high, he'll need something cozy to sleep in, such as a nifty nap head pillow.

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The whole family will love this next one! Dads are known for occasionally letting one slip and, while you love him, you don't love his flatulence. Gift your father some smell containing undies that'll keep his fart stench in and everyone else happy.

If pops is a tech nerd, a keyboard waffle iron could be the one thing to get him away from his desk and into the kitchen. Just make sure he doesn't confuse the food one for the real thing and ruin it with syrup.

You can also get him outside with a bionic bird he can control with an app. Bonus: it'll get him out of the house and give your mother some peace and quiet. Consider it a late Mother's Day present.

If he already likes the outdoors, consider a cool bike chain bowl! It'll keep his items contained and remind him of his favorite biking activities.

Let Dad know how much you love him with one of these and he might be distracted enough to not say another "pull my finger" joke.