Woman kicked out of mall over 'Finding Nemo' tank top


A 20-year-old woman says she was inexplicably asked to leave the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Saturday because another customer reported her to mall security for 'inappropriate dress.'

The offensive outfit? A G-rated 'Finding Nemo' tank top with a pair of teal shorts and ballet flats.

Hannah Pewee, who was at the mall with her sister at the time of the incident, took to Facebook on June 10 to express disgust in the way she had been treated by mall management.

"As many of you know, it is NINETY degrees outside today in West Michigan," she wrote. "Aka, really hot. So, of course, I decided to dress for the weather: shorts and a tank top. But apparently, how I was dressed (see photo below) was too slutty for the public, as I was kicked out of the Woodland Mall today."

"Never mind that within a one foot radius there were plenty of girls dressed just like me, since it's NINETY degrees outside," she continued. "I am so angry right now I'm shaking. I felt so embarrassed I almost cried. All because a stranger didn't like how I dressed."

If you think that sounds outrageous, you're not the only one.

Pewee's post has been shared over 7,000 times and has racked up hundreds of comments from supportive citizens, some even offering to get local news channels involved.

Pewee took to Facebook again on June 11 to say she has received an apology for the incident

"Apparently they're going to revise their clothing policy on their website so it is clearer what is and isn't acceptable," she wrote. "In addition, security will be discussing how to properly handle situations like this."

We're still not sure what was wrong with her outfit to begin with, but a revised policy sounds like it couldn't hurt.