Mother's outrage over daughter's prom dress ignites social media

It's prom season, and the average price of a dress will set families back $250 -- but there's a huge range of what the one-night outfit will cost.

One mother spent more than average on a custom dress for her daughter and was so unhappy that she took to social media.

New York resident Dee Lewis spent $300 on a dress for her daughter, Malexa Maeweather, for her June 2 prom. That included a $100 deposit. She was ... less than satisfied with the results:

"So Kia Wagner called my daughter THE NIGHT before prom to pick up her dress which she charges $300 for," Lewis wrote. "Are you serious ... was I wrong for wanting my DEPOSIT BACK?"

Lewis spoke to Yahoo Style about the ill-fated dress and said her daughter was devastated when she saw the dress.

She wasn't the only one who reacted to it: Lewis' post went viral with thousands of reactions and shares.

Thankfully, Lewis' friend Kamera Warren came to the rescue with a new dress for Maeweather:

"Prom was almost ruined," Lewis captioned photos of the new dress, "Thank you Kamera Warren for saving the day."

According to Lewis, though, the original designer had not done anything to resolve the issue. She told Yahoo Style, "She didn't offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy."

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