5 items to always buy at a thrift store

One of the most frequently asked questions is always related to my favorite thrift stores or vintage Levi's. They are super important questions for the vintage lover and I'm always happy to spill the beans on my favorites and secrets. These are the 5 items to always buy at the thrift store:


You need a vintage blazer like right now! Shop both the men's section and women's section for a great oversized blazer. I love anything in wool, herringbone, or a crisp linen. I'm always drawn to navy blazers by Ralph Lauren, but Calvin Klein, Norma Kamali and Saks are great brands to keep an eye out for.


My go to styles are mini dress in a fun print, gauzy or linen midi dress, and a silk secretary dress (complete with a pussy bow). These three styles will work for you throughout the year and dramatically improve your outfit choices when you're staring at your closet with nothing to wear! Remember that vintage sizing is different that modern sizing. Look through all racks. A dress that a little long or wide can be altered to fit you perfectly.


You can find beautiful leather belts at the thrift store for under $10. If you look hard enough you can find Gucci, YSL, and Moschino belts for the same price. Always buy the leather belt that has hand painting, beadwork, or some other unique feature – you'll never find anything like it at a retail shop.


Everyone loves a great pair of jeans, but there's nothing quite like slipping on some vintage Levi's. Definitely shop the men's department and always look for sizes that are about 2-3 sizes larger than your current size. Check out my shopping for vintage Levi's post for more tips.


Is there anything else you wear more than jeans? Probably a tee. While a nice one can work with a skirt and blazer for the office, I love an oversized tank or tie for the warm summer months. I always tie in a knot in the front with some high waist flares, or tuck them into cut offs for an easy weekend look. Again, don't be afraid of shopping in the men's section for some good stripes tees. I love Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin, and anything with stripes.

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