Your June horoscope is here

​​​​​The sun is shining Gemini ladies. This month, it's all about letting summer's lazy, laissez-faire attitude shift into full gear and whisk you where it may. As for the destination? Pffffft, who needs one? Our friends at Mojave Rising suggest sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Happy birthday, Gemini babe! Not to toot your own horn, but you do have a better sense of judgment (and grasp on reality) than most in your circle. But you're also a people pleaser who loathes confrontation, meaning you don't always share your wisdom for fear of offending. Take a stand and use your voice this month, whether that's drawing the line with your S.O. or telling your BFF that she's moving too fast in her new relationship. Getting vocal may just lead you to an exciting, new professional milestone, too.


With Mars and Mercury entering your sign this month, it's time to turn emotion into action. At the end of the day, what really brings you joy? The ballet? Caring for animals? If it elicits an impassioned response, it's probably your calling. But where to start on the whole "pursuing your passion" thing? A revealing heart-to-heart with your partner (or dearest friend) is the first order of business.


True story, Leo: You love to celebrate yourself. But allow us to remind you that collaboration is pretty great too. Make it your mission to use your star power to lift up those around you this month, whether that's publicly lauding a shy coworker's accomplishments or sitting through an entire brunch where your BFF bemoans her love life. Of course it's important to feel good about yourself, but helping others is even better.

You're big on the whole "facade of indifference" thing. But the truth is you're easily bummed out by change, especially recently. The fix? Seek out bits of pleasure in life's bumps and bruises. Vacation plans thwarted by a crisis at work? Use the opportunity to spend time with your boss and earn her good favor. (It'll help you in the long run.) After all, we're defined not by the situation but by how we rise to meet it.

Jupiter, planet of luck, takes center stage in your sign this month—meaning it's time for fearless adventuring. Think: Smiling at a stranger instead of turning your head away or exploring a new place, whether in your own town or on another continent. Let a departure from your comfort zone remind you of the endless possibility you face.

Loyalty is one of your strongest suits, which is why a secret has been weighing heavily on you recently. And while keeping your loved ones' confidence is important, secrets are lonely with a capital L. So instead of going totally alone, find someone to talk to about whatever's keeping you up at night. (Maybe a weekly call with your mom?) Talking it out will make you feel light years better...and also prepare you for an exciting chance encounter at the end of the month.

The full moon is out in Sagittarius, meaning all that zany energy you've had coiled up like a spring is about to come unbound. When presented with two options this month, go for the wilder one. Stay in with The Handmaid's Taleor hit the town with your college roomie? You know the answer. Elliptical or new pole dancing class? Spice it up, lady. Big or small, embracing your wild side will breathe new life into your boring old routines.

You're an old soul with a dominant practical streak. But this month the cosmos are basically begging for you to lighten up already. Channel your inner innocence by spending more time with the kids in your life...and really listening to what they have to say on everything from snack time to what makes a good friend. You just might learn something from the little smarties.

Your innate curiosity has you plotting and planning like a madwoman these days. (It's great you have your beach house picked out on Zillow, but have you done the math on a second mortgage?) Instead of obsessing about the future, try living in the present, whether that means trying a guided meditation, catching up on your reading or signing up to volunteer in your community. You'll feel more grounded, and your Pinterest boards will still be there in July, we promise.

Planet Neptune (the ruler of dreams) is retrograde in your sign this month, so seize the opportunity to examine your current situation with clear eyes and heightened self-awareness. Look at the partnerships in your life (are you and your partner really sharing the same values?), and be brave enough to identify what's working and what's not. While you're at it, purge your wardrobe and clean your house. This will send the visual cues to help you find even greater clarity.

Headstrong by nature, you sometimes work toward your "goals" without exactly knowing why. This month, reflect on that. Maybe you "want" to start working part-time and have more flexibility to raise your family. But do you actually feel ready to throw in the towel at your job? Or maybe your romantic relationship is "supposed" to go to the next level, but you like things where they are. Take stock of what you really want out of life, and abandon what isn't working for you.

In theory you want to meet new people, but you always fall back into the same tired (but trusted) social circles. Luckily, this is the month to finally forge a new and lasting relationship. You know that cool coworker who's always been a peripheral friend? She might just provide the intellectual companionship you've been craving (and not finding) in your usual crew. So ask her to lunch drinks, would ya?