All the winners and honorees from the 2017 CFDA Awards

Designers, actresses, musicians, models and influencers stepped out for the "Oscars of Fashion" (a name host Seth Meyers quipped is only really used among fashion industry folks) on Monday, and it was a night to remember.

After making their way down the pink and blue carpet, guests sat down at their star-studded tables in New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. Meyers kicked off the evening -- joking that he was basically roped into the job by the ever-persuasive Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg -- and he left nothing off the table. He cracked jokes about Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump, Abercrombie & Fitch, Balenciaga's IKEA look-alike bag and "romphims."

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The night wasn't all fun and games, though. In a touching moment, Raf Simons for Calvin Klein was left speechless after accepting both the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award and the Menswear Designer of the Year Award, marking the second time a designer has won both awards. The first time was in 1993, when Calvin Klein himself received both honors.

Emotions also ran high for Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour when she posthumously presented former Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani with the Fashion Icon Award.

"In closing, these are some lines by the turn-of-the-century Oxford theologian Henry Scott Holland that help me when I think of Franca," Wintour said while composing herself. "'Death is nothing at all,' Holland wrote. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?'"

Franca's son (and Wintour's son-in-law-to-be) Francesco Carrozzini then accepted the award on his mother's behalf, not without fighting back tears himself.

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The final tribute of the night, presented by CFDA Chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg, went to three incredibly inspiring women -- Gloria Steinem, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and Janelle Monae.

And in perhaps the most memorable moment from the evening, Monae brought the crowd to their feet, saying, "Women's rights are human rights. LGBTQ rights are human rights. Poor folks' rights are human rights. Immigrant rights are human rights. Minority rights are human rights. So as human beings, let's never forget that none of us are free until all of us are free."