If you're sick of the 'unicorn' trend, make these lattes

With the inundation of "unicorn" foods -- the most famous being Starbucks' unicorn frappuccino -- you may be sick of the neon colors and intense flavors by now.

Luckily, there are several drinks to try that are unique but won't rot your teeth. In fact, these beverages -- from beloved New York City cafes Baba Cool and East One -- are actually good for you.

Take Baba Cool's Golden Milk Latte. It's an espresso drink that has ginger and turmeric -- both anti-inflammatories. Then there's the activated hot chocolate; what does it mean to be "activated"? According to Baba Cool's chef, Gabriella Mann, "It's called activated because it is herbally energizing."

We'd take that over crazy colors and 59 grams of sugar any time.

Check out the drinks and their recipes: