A 5-second trick to clean your cheese grater

Something we love: Pasta sprinkled covered with grated cheese. Something we hate: Shredding yet another kitchen sponge. Your best bet for cleaning your cheese grater is to tackle it immediately after use, either by soaking it in warm, soapy water or using an apple or raw potato to scrape away any leftover Parm. But let's get real—as soon as dinner's ready, you're thinking about tucking in, not washing up. So here's a genius tip for tackling that mess after the cheese has dried (hey, no judgment).

What you do: Grab a stiff brush (a pastry brush, dish brush or even toothbrush will work) and run the bristles back and forth along the grater.

Why this works: The stiff bristles are tough enough to dislodge cheese particles while being flexible enough to get into nooks and crannies.

What to do with all that time you saved: How about whipping up another mouthwateringly delicious pasta dish? Oh hello, cacio e pepe.

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