Dad's viral tweets about parenting are far too relatable

Parenting is never easy, but at least we have Twitter to make it all even a little more relatable.

Robert Knop is the man behind the widely popular Twitter account @FatherWithTwins. Each day, the California dad gives us a little insight into his day-to-day life with 7-year-old twins -- and we must say, it's hilarious.

From sneaking Poptarts for breakfast, to secretly listening to Sheryl Crow, Knop is just like any other parent -- but, he divulges about it to his nearly 19,000 Twitter followers. Though sarcastic, Knop's unique (and yes, loving) take on parenting has resonated with moms and dads around the world.

Scroll through to see some of our favorite tweets from Knop:

Robert Knop's best tweets about his kids and parenting
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Robert Knop's best tweets about his kids and parenting
Me: What do you say when you want to get by someone? 7yo: Move it now, mister! Me: No, in a nice way 7yo: Get out of my way! Me: *heavy sigh
Me: Can you put your clothes in the hamper? 7yo: No Me: How about now? 7yo: No Me: Now? 7yo: No Me: Now? 7yo: Yes Me: Thanks 7yo: I meant no
*Sees kid next to me on airplane watching Paw Patrol Me: OH MY GOD, WHAT EPISODE IS IT? CAN I WATCH TOO?!?
7yo: *storms into house Me: What's wrong? 7yo: *starts crying* MY FRIENDS ARE BEING MEAN TO ME!! Me:
Me: Don't forget you still have all those big chocolate Easter eggs left 7yo: Yeah, and DON'T FORGET THEY'RE MINE, DADDY!
Wife: Are you listening to Sheryl Crow? What're you - in your 40s or something? Me: Um, yeah, and so are you. *we both cry*
To be funny, my 7yo put a giant sticker on my back, and I walked around all day wearing it. So I hid his tablet to show I can be funny too.
Let's get married so we can argue about whether or not to throw away a 13-year-old plate.
I used to get nervous when my sons used really dirty public bathrooms until I realized they were prob. cleaner than their bathroom at home
My signature move is buying something "for the kids" and then eating the whole thing before they get home
Celebrating a stuffed animal's birthday is not how 22-year-old me envisioned 42-year-old me would be spending his time.
Me: Kids, 5 more min of tablet, then you have to do something else *5 min later, kids fighting My brain: That's something else Me: Continue
Me: You can go swimming at your friends house without me 7yo: Ok Me: *Worries entire time 7yo: I'm home! Me: Already? I forgot you were gone
Me: The pharmacy had a sale on chips! Wife: Did you get my prescription? Me: Wife: Me: Be right back
Had to fold 5 fitted sheets today and I've never felt so inadequate
7yo: Can I donuts for breakfast? Me: No, too much sugar. Now finish your Pop Tart.

We can't get enough of these tweets. You can follow Knop's hilarious adventures here.

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