Andy Cohen's day in the classroom with Wacha and Mutt-i-Grees

There's no question that Andy Cohen loves his adorable dog, Wacha. In fact, he told us that Wacha has changed his life "in every way," gushing that the pup has "opened my heart up, he's enriched me."

And his love for his canine best friend has inspired him to not just encourage others to adopt, but get involved with an incredible program called Mutt-i-Grees.

What could possibly make school better for kids than bringing a dog into the classroom? Ask most kids and they'd tell you ... nothing!

It's incredible to see what dogs and kids can teach each other -- and Andy recently got to see it firsthand.

"They're nourishing the lives of the students, and I feel like the shelter dogs too," Andy said. "This program allows students to engage with the dogs, and then they themselves learn lessons about emotional competence, academic achievement, and how to be socially aware."

One of the cutest parts? Wacha just won an award for his participation. (Insert *heart eyes* here.)

Andy Cohen and Wacha
Andy Cohen and Wacha

Andy has been working with Purina ONE and the Mutt-i-Grees program for some time now, and they recently raised up to $20,000 to support the cause. Cohen tried the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge with Wacha, and loved the results.

As for his day in the classroom, Cohen loved watching Wacha interact with the kids.

"I loved seeing them read the dog's social cues -- from his tail wagging to the way he responded to their commands. And then just to watch the way they're treating each other. It feels pretty simple, but they're kids! And you can see them learning."

It's a pretty incredible collision of purity, don't you think, to bring together dogs and children? We know we're on board.