How to keep your scrambled eggs from sticking in a stainless steel skillet

Sharing my secret to making perfect scrambled eggs, isn't just about making scrambled eggs. It's about learning a cooking technique that will completely eliminated the need for toxic non-stick coated cookware for-ever!

If you are new to real food and aren't familiar with the dangers of cooking with non-stick coated cookware here's a great article Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware, read HERE

We haven't used non-stick coated cookware in our house for over 10 years. It's not more difficult to cook without toxic non-stick coated cookware, it's just different.

When I cook eggs, I use a stainless steel skillet. Either a 8 inch or 12 inch, depending on how many eggs I'm making at once. Click HERE for the stainless steel cookware set we have.

Here's the abbreviated version, Hot Pan + Cold Fat = Non Stick Surface.

In complete honesty, it's that simple. Once you do it a few times and find the exact settings on your stove you'll feel like a professional chef!

But if the cliff notes version isn't enough, here's some step by step details for you!

  1. I start out with a "clean" stainless steel skillet.The more you treat your stainless steel skillet like cast iron the better it will work for you (meaning don't use soap when you can avoid it, I use one of those stainless steel dish scrubbers and really hot water.. but occasionally I'll toss it in the dishwasher cause I'm lazy too) This morning my skillet was clean-clean right out of the dishwasher and it still worked beautifully.
  2. Put your stainless steel skillet on your burner and turn the heat on high.Allow your skillet to heat up until you can hold your hand over it and feel heat but wouldn't want to touch it because you'd get burned. This will take about 1 minute, depending on your stove.
  3. Add your fat (cool, cold, or room temp is all fine). I most frequently use butter, because Butter is awesome but Ghee, Lard, Tallow, Bacon Grease, Schmaltz or Coconut Oil all work the same (and note these are the only fats we cook with at our house!!)
  4. I don't measure for cooking like this, but I use about 1 teaspoon. When you add your fat it will sizzle a little, if it sizzles a lot or browns quickly turn your heat down (and remember to turn your stove down a little next time too). Allow your fat to melt, heat up to a nice coating of the pan. The fat should "dance" a little but not really jump/leap from the heat.
  5. Add your eggs into the skillet – again they will sizzle – but you don't want them to brown. Adjust your heat, just a light polite sizzle. Then get to scrambling.

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