Eat your way to a flatter stomach in 24 hours

If you are still on operation 'get my summer body ready' you may be thinking of starving yourself into being slim. However, you could be eating your way to a flatter stomach with these tips from

For breakfast, skip the cereal and go for a bowl of oatmeal with berries. Oats will fill you up with fiber without the added sugar and the berries will bring sweetness without the carb overload.

For lunch, ditch the usual deli sandwich and prep an easy green salad with optional toppings such as half an avocado, sunflower seeds and a hard-boiled egg. The combo of lean protein and healthy fats won't make you bloated.

For dinner, forget about pasta and go healthy with sautéed spinach and grilled salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish will make you burn fat and keep you satisfied.

We bet you can already feel that six pack coming in!

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Healthiest foods at Starbucks
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Healthiest foods at Starbucks
9. Vanilla scone (120 calories, 8 grams of sugar) 
8. Chocolate cake-pop (140 calories) 
7. Fruit salad (90 calories) 
6. Hearty veggie and brown rice salad bowl (430 calories, healthy fat and protein) 
5. Nonfat latte (100 calories in a grande, 10 grams of protein) 
4. Skinny cappuccino (61 calories in a tall) 
3. Egg white, spinach and feta wrap (19 g of protein, 10 g of fat, 33 carbs) 
2. Reduced fat turkey bacon and egg white sandwich, (16 g of protein, 230 calories) 
1. Whole grain oatmeal (160 calories without the toppings) 

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