Memorial Day travel do's and don'ts

It's been a long, tough winter for most. It's time to enjoy the holiday that marks the beginning of everyone's favorite season, summer!

Memorial day means BBQ, beaches and so much booze.

Whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world, here are a few travel tips to help you out this holiday weekend.

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If your travel includes driving, take out some cash at your bank's ATM beforehand and pack a cooler with food and drinks to save money on the way.

Did you know that 29 million pieces of luggage are estimated to be delayed or lost every year? Pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on bag just in case you become one of the 29 million. It'll spare you from ruining day one of your beautiful trip.

Parents, listen up! If your destination is hours away, make sure you have plenty of activities for the kids to entertain themselves during the trip. You can make binders full of coloring pages and activity sheets for each kid and downloading movies ahead of time will be a life-saver. This will help you avoid the dreaded "are we there yet?" question.

As always, the best tip is just to plan ahead. Happy holiday!