The internet cannot believe Trix changed its colors

Last year, General Mills made a major change to its cereals: no more artificial flavors or colors and no more fructose corn syrup.

This affected how Trix cereal looks. Gone are the bright colors and replaced with natural ones:

Credit: General Mills

While this change was made in 2016, the fact that Trix have changed is going viral online now. Twitter user @PrettyBoy_Zwagg shared a photo of his disdain for the new Trix:

"When the hell did they change the color," he asked.

The tweet, which got over 1,400 retweets and 3,400 likes, inspired visceral reactions about Trix:

Given General Mills' initiative, it's unlikely that the Trix will ever go back to its vibrant look. They even tweeted last year that confirmed the recipe: