Women prefer reading Jamie Oliver's recipes over 'Fifty Shades'


Fifty Shades of Grey was once thought to be the hottest book in town, in more ways than one. But apparently, these days, women prefer their "Jamies" Oliver, not Dornan.

In a new study to determine what makes an enjoyable read, the steamy stylings of EL James scored lowest, below a book of Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals.

"They found E.L James's sex and bondage blockbuster novel less enjoyable than a cookery book by the celebrity chef, according to scientists who assessed their emotions, body language, and heart rate," said the Daily Mail.

Fifty Shades scored 52 percent, compared to Oliver's 55 percent. According to the Daily Mail, researchers looked at 50 participants, with an average age of 35. They studied everything from emotions to heart rate and even body language.

While erotica ranked last, the most enjoyable genre turned out to be "romantic suspense." That was followed by thrillers, sci-fi or fantasy and then non-fiction.

Keep in mind that this study was commissioned to help launch the latest Nora Roberts book, which happens a romantic suspense novel.

See the stars of 50 Shades together: