Malls in Colombia are now using breastfeeding mannequins to reduce the stigma of public nursing

Malls in Colombia are getting a new, breast-feeding-friendly look.

According to People, breast-feeding rights group Amigos de la Lactancia (or Friends of Breastfeeding) is installing breast-feeding mannequins in malls and retail locations across Colombia in an attempt to destigmatize nursing in public.

"Friends of Breastfeeding [Amigos De La Lactancia] is a movement that supports moms who are [attacked for feeding their babies] in public," states the organization's website. "This initiative invites all Colombians to declare themselves as their friends and postulate shopping centers to make them 100 percent breastfeeding-friendly territories."

"Friends can be all of us who want moms to feed their babies freely, and feel [safe] to do it in the place they choose," the site also says. "The more friends moms have, we'll be getting closer and closer to turning all of Colombia into 100 percent friendly to breastfeeding."

The mannequins are shown fully clothed with a baby and one exposed breast, and look just about as lifelike as a white, plastic human form could. They're placed in various places and positions—sitting on a bench, standing in a window, lounging on a couch—to show that nursing can be done anywhere.

Although the world still isn't a perfect place for breast-feeding mamas, the past few years have seen major strides in the right direction. One flight attendant just won a lawsuit against Delta after it failed to supply an adequate space for her to breast-feed in, and more celebrities are speaking out about the issues surrounding the stigma. Not to mention, who could forget this season's infamous breast pump scene on Grey's Anatomy? Or that time Olivia Wilde appeared in the pages of Glamourbreast-feeding her son, Otis?

Of course, there's still a long way to go until moms are able to breast-feed their babies in public without scrutiny, but starting with mannequins that encourage breast-feeding at malls in Colombia is as good a place to start as any.

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