Burning candles might pollute the air in your home

Most of us are pretty aware by now that smoking isn't great for your health, but it turns out lighting candles in your house may not be great for you either.

And it's not just candles. Researchers at San Diego State found that all kinds of things can contribute to air pollution in your home.

We're talking about using some cleaning products, burning incense, frying food and smoking marijuana.

The team at SDSU put air particle monitors in the homes of 300 families.

Each family had to have one child 14 or younger and one smoker to qualify for the three-month study.

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The level of air pollution in homes where people smoked indoors was nearly twice as high as that in homes where people didn't.

And it was pretty much the same if they were smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

Which is bad, since these types of air pollution can lead to breathing and cardiovascular issues, among other problems.

The team hopes to take these findings and use them to educate people and develop new devices to combat this problem.

For now, though, you might want to make like an angry dude at a bar and take it outside.

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