Top 10 most popular Memorial Day travel destinations in 2017

Memorial Day is right around the corner, marking the official start of summer travel for many Americans. While many spend the holiday weekend in the surf and sun, many people would rather avoid the crowds that can come with the pleasant beach weather.

But it turns out crushing claustrophobia isn't a universal Memorial Day phenomenon. In fact, there are just some vacation spots that are simply more popular than others -- which can make your favorite beach feel impossibly congested. took a look at the top 10 trending destinations, according to percent increase in bookings year over year, to find the hotspots visitors will flock to for Memorial Day 2017.

The No. 1 destination may come as a surprise to those who just see it as a three-day weekend.

"This year, more Americans are taking advantage of the long weekend and traveling to Cancun, Mexico, according to the data crunchers," notes Mark Koehler, SVP Hotels at

There is almost a 40 percent booking increase in Cancun over the May weekend.

No other international destinations appear in ranking, but that doesn't mean people aren't looking to make a real getaway. According to data, 78 percent of Americans who travel for the long weekend are venturing out of state.

And while multiple locales in Florida are high on the list of the top trending destinations this Memorial Day -- one city is safe from throngs of tourists. It's considered shoulder season for Miami -- which means the sweet spot between the pricey chaos of peak season and the avoidable weather of low season. This is the time to score unimaginable deals and have the place (mostly) to yourself.

Koehler points out that "you'll also find a steep decline in prices for big cities like San Francisco, as the city's conference calendar is light on holidays. And in New York City, natives flock to the Hamptons and other coastal towns nearby leaving the city wide open for tourists with unbeatable deals."

So whether you want join the party or need to know where to stay clear of this year, click through the gallery above to find out the top 10 trending destinations this Memorial Day.