These are the 4 foods a gut doctor would never eat


Like peeking inside a dermatologist's medicine cabinet or learning a sleep doctor's rituals for perfect zzz's, there's tons of fascinating intel to extract from a wellness pro's personal routine.

That's certainly true when it comes to the eating habits of gut doctor Vincent Pedre, MD. As someone who's experienced IBS first-hand—and spent more than 15 years helping thousands of patients overcome their own digestive distress—he's basically mastered the art of gut-friendly eating. (And he's sharing it in his new book, Happy Gut.)

While various foods affect everyone differently, there are certain dishes Dr. Pedre always bypasses when he sees them on a menu. Instead, he opts for anti-inflammatory foods that have been proven to give him an energetic boost. Will they do the same for you? Well, there's no one-size-fits-all diet—but if Serena Williams gave you tennis tips, you'd probably at least try them out, right?

Here are the 4 foods Dr. Vincent Pedre always avoids—and what he eats for good gut health, instead.

If going gluten-free hasn't fixed your gut problems, there are other routes to explore. For instance, have you tried cutting out lectins or FODMAP foods?

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