Jack the cat's meow is amazing the world

Meet Jack the cat.

Not much is known about the white and black feline other than he has a voice unlike anything we've ever heard. Jack the cat's deep meow has turned him into an internet sensation.

His owner, Youtuber Cash CatFlava, posted the video of Jack in December 2015, but it's only recently gone viral. Once you listen, you'll know why.

His voice is so deep that it's been compared to the sounds of artists Barry White and Morgan Freeman. "Holy crap he sounds like Barry White XD," said one Youtuber.

"I propose renaming him James Earl Cat," commented another.

In the description of the video, Jack's owner attributes the cat's low voice to "laryngeal paralysis." However, some have questioned the realness of the cat's voice.

"Every now and then I come across a video and think "this has to be fake", but choose to believe it's real. It's for the betterment of mankind, " said a viewer. We like this motto.

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